10 Lines on Computer in English

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10 Lines on Computer in English

10 Lines on Computer in English
1.A computer is an electronic device that can store and process information.
2.A Computer was discovered by “Charles Babbage”. He is known as the father of computer.
3.A computer has four main parts that are Mouse, Monitor, Keyboard and CPU.
4.CPU (Central Processing Unit) is called the brain of a computer because it does all the processing.
5.A Computer takes command input device, process it as per the command and provides the output device.
6.Computer runs with the help of an internet and connecting us with others all around the world.
7.Now a days, Computer is used in many places like School, bank, hospital, home, offices, airports, railway station and many more.
8.We can do multiple things in Computer like can type documents, store data send emails, play games, create a video, presentations and many more.
9.Computer have made human work easier and faster as a result, human save a lot of time.
10.Computer has become part and parcel of our life, without it we can’t Imagination our daily life.


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