10 Lines on International Women’s Day

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10 Lines on International Women’s Day

10 Lines on International Women's Day

1.The International women’s Day is celebrated every year on 8th March in honour of the remarkable contribution of women to our society.
2.The main motto of this program and celebration is to highlight women rights and gender balance around the globe.
3.The International Women’s Day is also celebrated to honour the exceptional achievements of the women and girls in various fields of society like science, education, technology, health etc.
4.The celebration ensures equal opportunities to all the women who work as hard as mens in the field of education, business, politics, media etc.
5.The International Women’s Day celebration initiative was started by the United States as National Women’s Day in 1909.
6.The day also commemorates the role of women around the globe to protect women’s rights and is thankful to all women who create equality in the society for everyone.
7.Every year the International Women’s Day is celebrated across the world with a unique theme voicing for the rights of women or to celebrate women’s rights in the society.
8.The theme for the International Women’s Day 2023 is “#EmbraceEquity” according to international women’s day.
9.The International Women’s Day 2023 theme motto is to embrace every gender regardless of any outer facts.
10.Many global programs like conferences, seminars, exhibitions are organised on the occasion all around the world.

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