10 Lines on International Labour Day

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10 Lines on Labour Day in English

10 Lines on Labour Day in English

1.International Labour Day is observed on 1 May each year.
2.This day is also known as International Workers Day, May Day or Labour Day in some countries.
3.Labour day began from protests happening in Chicago in support of equal hours of work for all workers.
4.Labour day was celebrated for the first time in India in 1923 in Chennai.
5.1st May is recognized as a National public holiday across many countries.
6.Labour day is celebrated for respecting the worker’s difficult work in the nation’s growth and development.
7.This day is observed to raise awareness about issues like forced labour, rights of migrant workers, workday rule, minimum wage, law, unsafe working conditions etc.
8.Workers enjoy celebrating this day by arranging lots of programmes, decorating banners, rallies, speeches, parades etc. in the honour of the workers.
9.Workers play an important role in our society so this day justifies worker’s rights and conditions.
10.So this day is entirely devoted to the labour class and we all should know the value of labour’s work equally and must give respect to their work.
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