10 Lines Essay on My School in English

Are you looking for 10 Lines on My School in English. Then you have chosen the write post, today in this post i will tell you 10 Lines Essay on School. So let’s read without any delay :

10 Lines on My School

1) 10 Lines on My School in English

  • My school name is ……… .
  • It is an English medium school.
  • My school is near to my house.
  • My school is one of the best schools in my city.
  • My school buildings are big and beautiful.
  • My school has a well maintained big playground.
  • There is a computer lab and a big library in my school.
  • All the teachers at my school are very kind and helpful.
  • Everyday I learn new things in my school.
  • I love my school so much.

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2) 10 Lines About My School in English

  • My School name is Crown public School.
  • My school is near my house.
  • My School teachers are very kind.
  • I study and play in my school.
  • My school has a playground and a garden.
  • My school has a significant and spacious building.
  • The principal of our school is cooperative.
  • It is a significant and famous school in my city.
  • I have many friends at my school Where we study and play together.
  • I love my school very much.

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3) My School Essay in English 10 Lines

My School Essay in English 10 Lines
  • My school name is St. Dun Public School.
  • My school has a very beautiful building.
  • My school has a big science lab.
  • My school is located 5 minutes away from my house.
  • My school has a school bus, drinking water and a sports ground.
  • We have good teachers, they are so loving and caring.
  • I like to play there with my friends.
  • My school always gets good results.
  • My school uniform is white and red.
  • I love my school.

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