10 Lines on Nature in English

Lines on Nature : We all know how helpful nature is for us. If you want to write Lines About Nature, this post is helpful to you. Today, I will tell you how to write a 100 Words Short Essay on Nature, So let’s read 10 Points on Nature.

Lines on Nature

1) 10 Lines on Nature in English

1.Nature is the beautiful environment that surrounds us.
2.It includes trees, flowers, blue skies, rivers, fish, animals, sun, moon, colorful rainbows, etc.
3.We humans are also part of nature.
4.Nature provides fruits and vegetables to nourish our bodies.
5.We get water from nature.
6.Oxygen and sunlight in nature are also essential for life on earth.
7.People who live close to nature live a healthier life.
8.Mother nature nourishes us and protects us from a lot of harms.
9.We should not pollute our nature and protect nature.
10.If we protect nature today, mother nature will continue protecting us in the future.

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2) Few Lines About Nature in English

1.Nature is like our mother.
2.Nature is one of God’s essential and most precious gifts.
3.The nature is very beautiful and covered with green color.
4.Nature gives us fruits, vegetables, water and fresh air.
5.We should take care of our nature to keep the balance of ecosystem.
6.Trees, plants and forests are the vital parts of nature which provide Oxygen.
7.Nature is also a major source of Ayurvedic medicines.
8.Man-made activities has affected in the degradation of Mother Nature.
9.Nature included renewable and non-renewable energy source.
10.We must keep our nature clean, and peaceful.

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3) Some Good Lines on Nature in English

1.Nature is a beautiful creation of God. It is a precious gift to all of us living on Earth.
2.Nature provides us with resources like air, water and sunlight.
3.Animals, birds, plants etc. are also part of the beautiful nature.
4.Nature helps us to live a healthy life. It gives us basic needs like food, clothing and shelter.
5.Nature has variety of beautiful flowers, colourful fish, skies, land, rivers, mountains, seas and many more things.
6.All these things of nature are very useful and we must conserve them.
7.We must not damage these beautiful assets of nature.
8.It is our responsibility to keep the nature clean and protect it from any harm.
9.Nature is like a mother who nourishes and protects us from harm. Hence it is our duty to protect nature from problems like pollution, deforestation, global warming etc.
10.If we protect nature today then mother nature will certainly protect us and our future generations.

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4) 10 Simple Points on Nature

Points on Nature
1.Nature is the most valuable gift for us.
2.We are living in a beautiful nature.
3.All our surroundings bound with lovely nature.
4.Trees, forests, birds, rivers, hills, and animals are all big examples of nature.
5.We get water, food, air, and many necessary things from nature.
6.Nature plays a huge role to live a healthy life.
7.It is the main resource for living life and living animals.
8.Weather and climate immensely depend on nature.
9.It always protects like a mother so we should protect nature.
10.We should be thankful for mother nature and promise, we will take care of it.

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5) Nature Lines in English

1.Nature is what we see and feel around us.
2.Nature is beautiful enough to keep our minds fresh everytime.
3.The nature is attractive and filled with green colour.
4.It provides us the air to breathe, the water to drink, the soil to make a home and land to stay.
5.Nature gives us fruits, vegetables and grains to eat.
6.It keeps us stimulated and healthy by sharing its nutrients to us.
7.We should enjoy nature without disturbing it balance.
8.Nature is precious and notable gift given to us by god.
9.We must understand that there is nothing as worthy as nature in the world.
10.We must keep our nature healthy and peaceful.

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