10 Lines on Technology in English

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10 Lines on Technology in English

10 Lines on Technology in English

1.Technology can help to make our lives easier.
2.Mobile phones and computers are examples of technology.
3.Technology can be found all around us nowadays.
4.Today’s technology is developing so fast day by day and so our living standards with technology have improved well.
5.Technology is like a good servant but a bad master.
6.Things which we couldn’t even imagine a few years ago have become all possible due to development in our I.T. sectors.
7.Technology has completely changed our daily life in every aspect, for example now to call someone we can use mobile and to travel we use a vehicle.
8.Technology also includes tools and processes to help us in our daily chores.
9.Some aspects of technology may have a negative impact on our lives.
10.Technology is the use of scientific principles for our welfare.

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