10 Lines on Terrorism in English

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10 Lines on Terrorism in English

10 Lines on Terrorism in English
  1. Terrorism is a violent act by the terrorist and is used to threaten Common public and government.
  2. Terrorism is a threat to humanity It spreads violence, riots, burglaries, Kidnapping, fighting etc.
  3. Terrorism means to use terror by terrorist to force a government or a community to fulfill their demand.
  4. Terrorist Kill innocent persons and Peace loving Community and create terror in the hearts of people.
  5. It also effects the environment by such activities bomb-blast, which Contaminate the environment directy, through the destruction of natural resources.
  6. The evil of terrorism has now become a serious and critical problem of most of the countries in the world.
  7. It damages to the biological loss, social discuption, infrastructure failure of banking, the loss of confidenate in the government and supply system.
  8. It has become a global issue in the world.
  9. Terrorism does not belong to any region and religion. It is always harmful for people and country.
  10. Overall we can say that Terrorism Can be eradicate only when the world will be educated and united with peace and love.


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