10 Lines on World No Tobacco Day in English

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10 Lines on World No Tobacco Day 2023

10 Lines on World No Tobacco Day in English

  1. World No Tobacco Day is celebrated on 31st May every year.
  2. This day was created by the member states of the world Health Organization in 1987.
  3. The main purpose of this day is to motivates people to live their lives tobacco free.
  4. The theme of World No Tobacco Day 2023 is “We need food, Not Tobacco”.
  5. This day also helps to create awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco.
  6. On this day, World Health Organization organized worldwide event for the world to quit tobacco and to encourage people to stay away from tobacco.
  7. Tobacco is a Killer addiction that end your life day by day.
  8. Tobacco causes many chronic illness like lung disease, Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and the problems of immune system.
  9. Tobacco consists smoking products like cigarettes, Cigars, Guthka and snuff. All these are very harmful for your for your health.
  10. We can say that Tobacco slowly pushes the person to death. So We can prevent our life by a healthy lifestyle and awareness about Tobacco consumption.


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