10 Lines on Zoo in English

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10 Lines on Zoo in English

10 Lines on Zoo in English
1.A zoo is a place where animals, birds and other species are kept.
2.Zoo is a great place for entertainment.
3.Zoos are built in the large area similar to forest.
4.In zoos, there are separate enclosures for different creatures.
5.Tiger, Lion, zebra, parrot, pigeon, Deer, pigeon and other types of wild animals can be found in a zoo.
6.In zoos, animals are kept in cages with proper care and food.
7.Zoos are safe grounds for endangered species.
8.Zoo is a great place to learn about animals and know their behaviour.
9.While visiting a zoo, we should not misbehave with animals.
10.Everyone loves to visit zoos, especially children.

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I hope you like 10 lines on Zoo. Have you ever gone to zoo and what is your most liked animal? tell us in comments.

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