10 Lines on Environment

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Lines on Environment

10 Lines on Environment

  1. The word environment also means our surroundings.
  2. Rivers, ponds, land, air, plants, animals, and birds form the environment.
  3. The environment affects the life of all living beings, including human beings on earth.
  4. World Environment Day has been celebrated every year on 5th June since 1973.
  5. This day is celebrated to make people aware of their surroundings and nature.
  6. The environment comprises all kinds of living and non-living components.
  7. All human activities affect the environment direct and indirectly.
  8. Human activities have polluted the environment on a larger scale.
  9. To save our environment. we should plant more and more trees.
  10. We must keep the environment clean and green without harming nature.

Some Lines on Environment

  1. Environment is where we live, survive, and thrive.
  2. Clean air and the environment are essential for the existence of all living beings.
  3. Clean environment helps in the growth and nutrition of all living beings.
  4. The environment fulfills all our basic living needs.
  5. All living and non-living components around us build the environment.
  6. The environment is the only thing that gives water, food, and shelter to all living beings.
  7. Modernization and plastics and chemicals are the roots of environmental pollution.
  8. Deforestation by humans has also played an essential role in environmental change.
  9. Global warming, acid rain, etc., are the reasons for the environment’s disturbance.
  10. By saving water, planting trees, making proper use of resources, etc., we can save our life and the environment.

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