10 Lines on Global Warming

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Lines on Global Warming

10 Lines on Global Warming

  1. The continuous increase in the earth’s temperature is global warming.
  2. The increase in carbon dioxide in the environment is the leading cause of global warming.
  3. Global warming changes the climate of the earth.
  4. irregularities arise in natural events like rain, storm, and cyclone.
  5. It badly affects the natural balance.
  6. Due to fossil fuels (like diesel, petrol), use of fertilizers, indiscriminate deforestation, excessive use of electricity, etc., there is a continuous increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
  7. Carbon dioxide is also emitted excessively due to the gas used in refrigerators.
  8. Global warming is a severe problem for the whole world.
  9. If the protection measures are not taken in time, life on earth will become very complicated.
  10. We can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide to a great extent by using green energy.

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Few Lines on Global Warming

  1. Increasing global warming means that the earth is constantly getting hot.
  2. Unusual changes in the earth’s ecosystem and climate are side effects of global warming.
  3. Excessive use of fossil fuels is promoting global warming.
  4. Greenhouse gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ozone, nitrous oxide etc. are responsible for global warming.
  5. Increasing industrialization and spreading its pollution have promoted global warming.
  6. Indiscriminate harvesting of trees has also promoted global warming.
  7. Drought, floods, thunderstorms and excess rainfall etc. are due to the side effects of global warming.
  8. Global warming has become a global threat.
  9. Global warming can be avoided by planting trees.
  10. To prevent the effects of global warming and pollution, it is essential that polluting needs been reduced and It is vital to make the public aware.

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10 Points on Global Warming

  1. Rising temperatures due to greenhouse effect gas on Earth are called global warming.
  2. Carbon Dioxide, Methane, and Ozone are all greenhouse gas.
  3. Cyclones, damage to the ozone layer, hot waves, intense storms, etc all occur due to global warming.
  4. We should plant more trees to prevent global warming.
  5. To prevent global warming, we should use the energy provided by nature.
  6. The cause of increasing global warming is to harvest trees and use modern technology, which spreads pollution in nature and promotes carbon dioxide.
  7. Many diseases have been born due to global warming and many people die yearly.
  8. Greenhouse effects cause global warming. In this effect, the sun’s rays come to the earth but cannot go back due to the rising earth’s temperature.
  9. Due to global warming, glaciers and snow rocks are melting.
  10. Global warming can be controlled by reducing pollution, For this we have to save trees.

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