10 Lines on World Water Day in English

10 Lines on World Water Day : March 22 is celebrated every year as World Water Day. Today I will talk about 10 sentences on World Water Day. Let’s know some lines on World Water Day.

10 Lines on World Water Day

1) 10 Lines on World Water Day

1.World Water Day is celebrated every year on 22nd March to increase public awareness of the importance of freshwater.
2.In December 1992, the United Nations adopted a resolution to celebrate 22nd March as World Water Day.
3.Water plays a crucial role in various parts of life like agriculture, health, trade, and balancing the ecological system.
4.World Water Day provides a platform to achieve the UN’s sustainable goal of universal access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.
5.Its main objective is to inspire people worldwide to learn more about water-related issues and improve them.
6.The adverse climate change, pollution, and over-exploitation of water resources have led to a severe water crisis.
7.Schools organize various competitions like painting, documentary screening, essay writing, and quiz competition on World Water Day.
8.The theme for UN World Water Day 2023 is “Groundwater: Making the Invisible Visible”.
9.Communities that don’t have access to safe water look to groundwater as an alternative source of drinking water.
10.On this auspicious day, all of us should pledge that we have to save water from getting polluted in any way and take care of our environment.

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2) 10 Sentences on World Water Day

1.Every year on the 22nd of March, World Water Day is observed internationally.
2.Water is the most essential, perishable, and precious resource.
3.Unwanted and unnecessary water use can lead to famine, droughts, and various other problems.
4.Without water, no one can survive, and no sector of the society can perform its functions well.
5.Freshwater supply is limited, and the need to save it is very important.
6.Saving water is not the duty of any individual but the whole nation.
7.At home, water can be saved by timely checking for leakages, using water harvesting techniques, and educating all.
8.In the agricultural field, water can be saved by adopting modern methods of harvesting and using sprinklers.
9.In industries, water can be saved by adopting techniques to reuse and recycle water.
10.To conclude, I would like to request you all to take a vow to save water and have a beautiful life for us and our coming generation.

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